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Tribal Lands the Target

The nuclear reactor business is a weapons of mass destruction enterprise!
The fact is that neither AECL nor DOE actually wants to dispose of its high-level waste in the sense of getting rid of it once and for all; they just want to clear the decks so they can keep on producing more and more of it. There is no intention to limit the total amount of high level radioactive waste that the nuclear industry may produce. And before they bury the waste, they want to be sure to extract the valuable plutonium -- for without that vital step, they won't be able to keep the nuclear industry alive for more than a few decades.

"Host", "long term", "storage", "waste" are double-speak wordings being applied by the OPG/Bruce Power/Cameco shareholders to sell the "repository" scam to "willing communities" and preferably, near Native communities. Why? The reactor businesses know the lethal dangers of fission rods, and part of the plan of government is to rid Treaty Laws on the lands and territories of Indigenous People.

another nuclear waste solution

The United States agreed to do this mostly by burning it as fuel in civilian power reactors, as the French do. This mixed oxide, or MOX, fuel blends plutonium with uranium to make new fuel for the reactors. The Russians are developing fast neutron reactors to burn up their plutonium.

To keep our part of the bargain, a fuel fabrication facility is under construction at the government’s Savannah River National Laboratory, near Aiken. As buildings go, it is a marvel, with concrete walls 5-feet-thick and huge quantities of ultra-high-quality steel. The whole structure could last for thousands of years.

But the project — which has more than 4,000 suppliers in 43 states and 1,800 directly employed workers — suddenly is being put on “cold standby,” a euphemism for abandoned. The U.S. Department of Energy says it is costing too much.

South Carolina is suing the Energy Department, claiming the shutdown is unconstitutional because money authorized and appropriated for construction this year will be used to terminate the project. The facility is 60 percent complete, and $4.5 billion has been spent; shutdown is projected to cost a further $1 billion.

Secret Nuclear Waste - The Dark Side of Humanity Happening NOW

"Unnoticed by the crowd, the world as a whole has become a dark, 
cold, and frighteningly disorienting place." -
 "Humanity still has no goal."

Produced in 2009. It was broadcasted once on Oct. 20, 2009 at 3:00 AM!??
source: http://bit.ly/SaUnsA

We feel everyone should know, things happening on this planet!! 
Please, reflect solutions! Share and keep informed. 
Take action in Your community, investigate, inform and take precautions!


There are preventive steps we can take, search for natural remedies.

Protect the young's, children first.

Dumping nuclear waste around the globe, sea n land,.. This is all coming of age now, surfacing mayhem for our planet. All life is endangered ! How many of this deposit have bursted and are leaking,.. deadly nuclear heritage !??
Thanks go to 007bratsche for translating this documentation from the french/german

It's about the nuclear cycle lies, telling us that reprocessing spent fuel would be a means to avoid nuclear waste, respectively treat the nuclear waste in a manner it could  be re-used!!???
 LIES from Nuclear Industry.

Please watch the whole 1:38!..

We uploaded this video because we realized there's no english version on YT, although there are some versions in german or french.
This video has correlation with what is happening in World now !!

For more on Saskatchewan's Nuclear Wonderland, visit: http://www.captainpower.ca 

NWMO comes to Saskatchewan looking to sell us nuclear waste from New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario... and then the rest of the world. This film is about the 7000 Generation Walk (900km) from Pinehouse to the legislature in Regina, expressing opposition to a radioactive waste repository in our north.

24 min educational documentary on the various agencies involved in colonial waste management. This low-budget independent film takes viewers to the front-line of the back end of the nuclear industry.

This story begins in 2009 when the Nuclear Waste Management Organization comes to Regina SK to share with us their agenda of disposing eastern Canada's highly radioactive nuclear waste in the prairies.

One of the communities that has expressed interest in 'learning more' is the northern village of Pinehouse. But what kind of learning are they receiving?

The film takes viewers to the remote northern community of Pinehouse to better understand this nuclear 'consultation' that is taking place. The film is an investigation into the larger social justice question regarding the 'Duty to Consult'.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Into Lake Huron..Leak from nuclear waste site would be diluted: Experts

The point is that it does not matter if they are diluted. If you ingest, swallow, breathe in radioactive particles, they damage your body at a cellular level until they manifest as illness or DNA mutations in the next generations.

Alert! Alert! Warrior up! Time to go to the comment section and speak up ... tell the truth. One truth is that radioactive particles can not be diluted ... they are individual atoms that are not capable of going into solution. They can be spread around but can not be diluted and made safe. Ingest a single particle of a radioactive nuclide and it remains in your body doing it's damage to your cells ability to divide without becoming a cancer or being genetically damaged. Some of the damaged if done to your reproductive system CAN be passed to your descendants for eternity. Protect the seven generations and speak up PLEASE.

Lake Huron has more than four trillion cubic metres of water, and adds another 42 billion cubic metres a year from rainfall. An expert group says that is enough to greatly dilute any radiation-bearing water that might leak from a proposed nuclear waste site on the shore.

Here is some of the comment section...
People are not dumb, but the Nuclear industry thinks we are just like them ~DUMB!

The only thing that is diluted here is the thinking of the people who plan on doing this.
These particles do not dilute. They scatter then build up and up
One particle gets into a persons lung and a few years later, cancer.
Nuclear power should have never been allowed in the present way it is implemented.
It is not safe.
Power can be generated in many ways but the one method that should be developed is energy drawn from our own planet.
It is a dynamo and has trillions of watts just sitting in the atmosphere waiting to be tapped into.
As far the technology to do that the patent was created by Tesla to give the world 100% free energy. JP Morgan bought the patent and hid it.
He also set up a campaign to discredit Tesla. The smartest man who ever lived.
Now we get to pay, pay and pay some more for energy that is created with very non efficient methods.
Water itself is an excellent method of creating energy. The by product of splitting the oxygen and hydrogen and recombining them is water.
Energy generation in its present form is meant to enslave the people of the world.
Corporations are not going to develop a system that is not going to create profit for them. The corporate world must be changed. We are not sheep to be farmed. To them that is all we are.
Time for change. Time to save our planet, if it is not too late already

Tesla's patents must be brought forward and into practice.
The corporations that have these patents must not be allowed to hide them.
If they wish to keep doing that then we must ban that corporation. They are not citizens. They are just companies with no right to keep us in slavery
I can't believe what I am reading here.
How can ANYBODY be so stupid as to even contemplate an NUCLEAR WASTE SITE anywhere near potable water in the first place.
Leaking is an given, unless it is buried in SOLID Rock and this area is NOT solid and way to close to the water.
Oh really ............. the only kind of evolution I see is that man will eventually poison himself and everything off the planet...... obviously some people can't look at the reality of the situation and want to argue about bananas as a reason for justifying the unbridled use and storage of source. Corporate greed and well placed """"lobbiests""""" make light of the situation and infect and pollute the minds of the weak and ignorant apathetic minds who are so poor they can't even afford to pay attention!

We've seen the reality of how governments have evolved in there policies as to the protection of natural habitat........ they've removed all legislation so that commerce and industry will prevail. They won't be happy until they've destroyed and sucked every last ounce of gold and oil out of the ground and polluted every last drop of water.

From what I can see man's record speaks for itself. The more man evolves the more he pollutes........... I mean the last time I looked the oceans, rivers, lakes, lands and streams were a massive seething roiling wasteland of garbage....... plastic's fill the bellies of fish and birds while we destroy their habitat! And guess what we still have people preaching the virtues of revolutionary evolutionary traits of moral industrialism and use "bananas" for their reasoning??? Really??

The other option is to shut down all nuclear power tomorrow.. Over 1/2 of Ontario will instantly be in a black out.. and stay that way for the rest of life as we know it.. our society cannot survive without electricity. I by no means think that in the future nuclear will have anywhere near the role it has right now.. but right now it is a necessity. There is evidence of it everywhere especially after this freezing cold winter.. if we didn't have nuclear millions of people would have froze to death, and there were stories in the news all of the time about hydro one and other companies cutting off peoples electricity due to not paying. Municipalities are added electricity to their lists of "essential necessities". The reactor needs fuel, and the used fuel and other additional waste needs to be stored somewhere.
And the articles beginning...
The “immense” waters of the Great Lakes will greatly dilute any radiation-bearing water that might leak from a proposed nuclear waste site on Lake Huron, says an expert group.
Fast-flowing surface water would also dilute leaking radiation, should the site be located in the ancient rock of the Canadian Shield, the group says.
The four-member group has filed a report with the federal panel examining Ontario Power Generation’s proposal to bury low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste in a limestone formation 680 metres below the surface, on the shore of Lake Huron.
The federal panel asked the expert group to compare whether it would be better to inter the waste at the Bruce site, or in ancient granite formations in the Canadian Shield.
The question of leakage from the site has heated up with the recent release of radiationfrom a nuclear waste site in New Mexico, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, or WIPP.
The WIPP release does not appear to be related to water leakage — it followed an underground vehicle fire in February — but the fact that radiation had escaped at all prompted the federal panel to schedule additional hearings for the Bruce project.
At the WIPP site in New Mexico, work teams have re-entered the underground area, but are advancing in stages. They haven’t yet reached the area where the leak originated, and may not get there for days or weeks.
WIPP officials have drawn up an 11-stage scheme for drafting up a plan to re-open the site, and are only at the fourth stage.
At the Bruce site, the federal panel has been asking what happens if underground water is contaminated by radiation, and then leaks from the site.
The expert group’s report says that wherever the site is developed, any leaking water it will be significantly diluted.
The group says it’s possible that as much as 1,000 cubic metres a year of water contaminated with radiation might leak out of a site – although it rates the likelihood as “highly improbable.” (A thousand cubic meters is equal to a cube measuring 10 metres in each dimension.)
That’s a very small amount, the group says, given that the annual rainfall into Lake Huron is 42 billion cubic metres a year.
And the volume of water already in the lake is 100 times more than the rainfall, or more than four trillion cubic metres.
As for a waste site in Canadian Shield granite, any leakage would flow into active streams and marshlands
“Hence, the volumes of the bodies of water available for dilution at the surface are either immense (Great Lakes) or actively flowing…so the dilution capacity is significant,” the experts conclude.
The dilution capacity for a site at the Bruce or in the Canadian Shield, the experts conclude, are “similar.”
But other characteristics of the two sites are not.
A federal panel has asked an expert group of scientists to compare whether it would be better to inter nuclear waste at the actual Bruce site, or in ancient granite formations in the Canadian Shield.

New Blog Focus ~Nuclear Wastes~ What to DO Suggestions

Susnaghe Neneh::
 Rolling stewardship.
I like it...
Bee Alive::
 I would buy a few lots of land
one behind OPG's CEO
one behind Hydro's CEO
one behind AECL's CEO
one behind NB Power's CEO
one behind Quebec Power's CEO
And I would place the Nuclear waste on those lots of land.
They think it is safe, so they won't mind having this stuff in THEIR back yard. Also, they made it, they got disgustingly rich from it, so they can live with their consequences.
Let's pitch this idea to them just so we can hear their reasons against it.
I like it...
Adam Dub::
 I think we should contain it within walls of lead, deep underground. I'm sure theres more than enough lead left over from the past few hundred years of industrial waste. No matter what, there's no simple solution, so we definitely shouldn't be producing it in the first place. And as for energy, communities should look into all the other options for powering their homes, instead of paying out to companies. Imagine a world with no bills, but plenty of hard work!
I like it...
Juniper Andpiglet::
 yea, stop making it, dry cask what there is then spend all money and resources to find a way to somehow filter it or make it less toxic somehow?? i dunno it's an awful awful problem
I like it...
Maryse Dumas::
 I think the admission that we have gone too far is the first step. Wish the NRC , IAEA and Japanese gov't would
I like it...
Steph Sid::
 I agree, Rolling Stewardship is the most responsible approach now. I heard a talk about this in 1992 at the World Uranium Hearings in Austria, and the message that sticks in my mind is if it's on the surface, it will be a constant reminder of our folly. We made this stuff and it will never be gone, at least never in terms of time periods that most human beings can understand. So taking the "out of sight, out of mind" approach is weak and irresponsible, because we can't guarantee any human made technology that far into the future. AND stop making more.
I like it...
Candyce Paul::
 If education does not become too dumbed down, I think that brilliant young minds will eventually find a solution to the radioactivity. However they need to watch and monitor it closely until that actually happens. They can isolate it as best they can where it currently sits. Wiser choices must be made. No more production of nuclear fuel. Cut consumption as WE ALL KNOW WE MUST. WE are not gods and we must admit we have gone way too far in the wrong direction.
I like it...
Maryse Dumas::
 That is the no 1 question that our great minds and scientist need to think through. Dry cask maybe the only option Eileen is spot on in saying that we must stop making it!
Transporting it from here to there is also dangerous!
If I think about it too much I start to worry considering I'm on an earthquake, typhoon, tsunami... volcano prone islands with 52 reactors sitting loaded.
There's just something too extreme in all this.....
I like it...
Eileen Mahood-Jose::
 What I wouldn't do is bury it deep underground, where monitoring would end long before it would be rendered harmless and where groundwater would inevitably leak in, carry it to a stream, and mix it into fresh drinking water. Dry cask storage is the best we've got, which isn't saying a lot. Basically, the secret to safety for future generations is to STOP GENERATING NUCLEAR WASTE NOW.
I LOVE it...
Bryan Waciston::
Thats why I don't want it
I DO NOT like it...

Radiation is no Joke

They are, in fact, so sure that civilization will break down and current languages forgotten before the material is safe, that a special sign has been developed to post at storage sites. The sign is symbolic in nature but as any messages left behind by long forgotten civilizations to message the future generations or to warn them, the very meanings of the symbols can take hundreds of years to decipher. And even then the true meanings are only guessed at. Here is the sign ... many have already seen it and thought is was a joke meme ... I did. I was shocked to find out that it is an actual sign, not a joke.

United Nations Symbol
UN Radiation Symbol
In February of 2007, the United Nations introduced a new symbol to help reduce accidental exposure to large radioactive sources. The new icon is aimed at alerting anyone, anywhere to the potential dangers of being close to a large source of ionizing radiation.

The new symbol will not be visible under normal use, but only if someone attempts to disassemble a device that is a source of dangerous radiation. It will not be located on building access doors, transportation packages or containers.

The new symbol is the result of a 5-year project conducted in 11 countries around the world. It was developed by human factor experts, graphic artists, radiation protection experts, and tested on a total of 1,650 individuals in Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Thailand, Poland, Ukraine the United States to ensure that its message of danger - "stay away" was crystal clear & understood by all.
(Source United Nations New Center article, accessed 03/08/07 Exit EPA Disclaimer)