Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tribal Lands the Target

The nuclear reactor business is a weapons of mass destruction enterprise!
The fact is that neither AECL nor DOE actually wants to dispose of its high-level waste in the sense of getting rid of it once and for all; they just want to clear the decks so they can keep on producing more and more of it. There is no intention to limit the total amount of high level radioactive waste that the nuclear industry may produce. And before they bury the waste, they want to be sure to extract the valuable plutonium -- for without that vital step, they won't be able to keep the nuclear industry alive for more than a few decades.

"Host", "long term", "storage", "waste" are double-speak wordings being applied by the OPG/Bruce Power/Cameco shareholders to sell the "repository" scam to "willing communities" and preferably, near Native communities. Why? The reactor businesses know the lethal dangers of fission rods, and part of the plan of government is to rid Treaty Laws on the lands and territories of Indigenous People.

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