Saturday, September 5, 2015

Nuclear Waste Injected into Fracking Wells

"Fracking is already a controversial practice on its face; allowing U.S. industries to inject slurries of toxic, potentially carcinogenic compounds deep beneath the planet’s surface — as a means of “see no evil” waste disposal — already sounds ridiculous, dangerous, and stupid anyway without even going into further detail.

Alleged fracking links to the contamination of the public water supply and critical aquifers, as well as ties to earthquake upticks near drilling locations that are otherwise not prone to seismic activity have created uproar in the years since the 2005 “Cheney loophole,” which allowed the industry to circumvent the Safe Drinking Water Act by exempting fracking fluids, thus fast tracking shale fracking as a source of cheap natural gas.

Now, it is apparent that the fracking industry is also privy to many secrets of the nuclear energy industry and, specifically, where the bodies are buried, err… dangerous nuclear waste is buried, rather — waste that atomic researchers have otherwise found so difficult to eliminate."

V.E. Perkins, Ph.D. says:
March 7, 2015 at 9:56 pm
From the beginning of the AEC to the present totally outrageous lies of the NRC, nothing has emanated from the nuclear industry but lies, lies, and more

So-called safety standards mean nothing as whenever there’s an accident the so-called standards are moved while the government assures citizens that nothing that will affect human health has been noted. 

Nevertheless, the entire Earth is now covered in radioactive fallout, we are eating radioactive food, and cancer rates have accelerated to the point where cancer is now considered a “chronic disease.” 

Worst of all is that we have no sense of responsibility to our descendants, who, one would suppose, had the right to inherit an uncontaminated planet from us.

Our descendants will curse our memory and our selfishness.

And then this very BAD NEWS...

Nitrate Fertilizer Releases Radiation 189xs> EPA Thresholds

"What's the point of having water if you can't drink it or use it for irrigation?"
The study reports that 78 percent of the uranium-contaminated sites were linked to the presence of nitrate, a common groundwater contaminant that originates mainly from chemical fertilizers and animal waste. Nitrate mobilizes naturally occurring uranium through a series of bacterial and chemical reactions that oxidize the radioactive mineral, making it soluble in groundwater.
The High Plains aquifer -- the largest in the United States -- provides drinking water and irrigation for an eight-state swath that stretches from South Dakota through Nebraska and into northern Texas. As California's largest reservoir, the Central Valley aquifer sits beneath some of the state's most fertile agricultural land. According to a 2012 census from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the two aquifers irrigate cropland that accounts for one-sixth of the annual revenue generated by U.S. agriculture....
UNL researchers Karrie Weber and Jason Nolan found that the High Plains aquifer contains uranium concentrations up to 89 times the EPA standard and nitrate concentrations up to 189 times greater. The uranium and nitrate levels of the California-based Central Valley aquifer measured up to 180 and 34 times their respective EPA thresholds.

Study: Two major U.S. aquifers contaminated by natural uranium

Released on 08/17/2015, at 2:01 AM
Office of University Communications
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Uranium Mine Disaster / History Hopi and Navajo Foresaw

The SLOW the Pirates who rule the man made laws to manipulate and control us...
Kim said, " I saw your page had posted this earlier today...I was about to watch...and felt sadness, and fear for the future...
I'll try again.
I've been to this reservation...Nothing but dirt and dust except around the Hogans...
Was sad...driving around...A coal powered power plant next to Lake Powell that had hydroelectric carbines...That seemed weird...
We met a young mother and her 2 kids...We tried to give her money, and she told us her tribe would not allow us to...against the rules to take without a product I guess...Her little one liked the $20 though.
She was a strong person, and quietly superhuman...
I also thought strange the Hopi Reservation was a circle and put in the middle of the Navajo Rez...I think it means the Navajo warriors, people and energy are there protecting the Hopi tribe...
I will watch now...Maybe all my questions will be answered...
I was living in Sedona at the time.
Do not let others dampen your flame..."
Let's watch together...This film won an Oscar.  
And only together can we all support each other...This is the fate of all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Le Hague Nuclear Waste Facility Fukushima Xs Infinity

The toxic radioactive waste going into the ocean is the equivalent of a nuclear accident such as Three Mile Island each year, only it never stops. Every 'recycling' nuclear facility in the world is just like this one. This means humanity is enduring and suffering from the radiation released from many nuclear accidents on a never ending basis.

At 47 minutes into the video; below is a picture of the outflow pipe from La Hague, taken from the video above. This pipe goes out into the ocean, where the plant pours out highly radioactive waste 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The equivalent is like dumping 33 million 200 litre barrels of waste. 

La Hague is extremely unprofitable. It’s one of the most irradiated areas on the planet. This is where german CASTOR radioactive waste transports are being reprocessed – the largest amount then goes to “Gorleben” (map), an emergency interim storage location for this violent deadly waste – because no repository is possible. The first PUREX nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities were built in the USA.

Reprocessing plants such as La Hague operate mostly with military grade plutonium. They are an invention of the military. And the used PUREX method is an invention of the military also. La Hague emits, with the support of the CASTOR, more than 1,000,000 CURIES of Tritium each Year:

La Hague emits 1 MILLION CURIES PER YEAR. Remember: 1 Curie per km² = 37,000 Bequerel per m². 20 Bequerel per Kg inside the body cause heart problems and can lead to death. Download and Upload and share. Basic knowledge for pro human activism: “Chance for children carcinogenic tritium emissions from each reactor every second: 100%” – first two pages above are from a 300 pages long german document (not for the public): 

60 radiation particulate monitoring stations are currently delivering data to the International Data Centre of the Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO in Vienna. There the IAEA conceals all of the meaningful radiation data:

Cancer and leukemia rates are much higher the closer you get to these reprocessing and nuclear energy production facilities, globally. Of course, because radiation is invisible and hard to detect, you will see none of this, so these reprocessing facilities look pristine and innocent.

Via Maureen Roy: "2001, Dr. John Gofman sent me a memo (copies are on the table) citing some of the same research along with his own research
and commenting that tritium is 4 to 5 times more mutagenic than had previously been believed." In plain English, this means that (a) tritium is dangerous, and (b) current regulations for tritium emissions are setway too permissively. I’ll come back to the issue of regulatory agencies and regulations in a minute. For now, I
want to highlight simply that any Livermore Lab official, or anyone else for that matter, who tells you that tritium
is “not that dangerous” is not correct and is not taking the scientific research done over the past 15 years into account."

Saturday, June 28, 2014

DU in War Zones is a Nuclear Waste `~ Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium is also found blowing all over the Big Island of Hawaii. Due to DU being used in military training on Saddle Road.
Iraq especially ...Your country is the 3rd most visitors to my blog after USA and Saudi Arabia. I know you are listening...Bosnia you are in this video too.
I have another blog about this situation. There is helpful information on the last page of the blog.
I confess, although I was only 10 years old at the time, my father was one of the people who worked as a private contractor and probably was in the group who set up the equipment to help disperse Agent Vietnam.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Doctor the Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children Playlist

An award winning documentary film produced for German television by Freider Wagner and Valentin Thurn. The film exposes the use and impact of radioactive weapons during the current war against Iraq. The story is told by citizens of many nations. It opens with comments by two British veterans, Kenny Duncan and Jenny Moore, describing their exposure to radioactive, so-called depleted uranium (DU), weapons and the congenital abnormalities of their children. Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, a former colleague of Albert Schweitzer, and Tedd Weyman of the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC) traveled to Iraq, from Germany and Canada respectively, to assess uranium contamination in Iraq.

This has been on youtube since 2011, and nothing is being done to get people to know or work to fix these problems...Part 2 has only 777 views. That is disgraceful!
We are all being bamboozled...
And children playing around Iraq are dieing from playing outside near their homes due to Depleted Uranium used by the US Military...

Part 1

Here is the like to the youtube playlist...

Have you seen my blog about Monsanto, GMOs and pesticides? 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tribal Lands the Target

The nuclear reactor business is a weapons of mass destruction enterprise!
The fact is that neither AECL nor DOE actually wants to dispose of its high-level waste in the sense of getting rid of it once and for all; they just want to clear the decks so they can keep on producing more and more of it. There is no intention to limit the total amount of high level radioactive waste that the nuclear industry may produce. And before they bury the waste, they want to be sure to extract the valuable plutonium -- for without that vital step, they won't be able to keep the nuclear industry alive for more than a few decades.

"Host", "long term", "storage", "waste" are double-speak wordings being applied by the OPG/Bruce Power/Cameco shareholders to sell the "repository" scam to "willing communities" and preferably, near Native communities. Why? The reactor businesses know the lethal dangers of fission rods, and part of the plan of government is to rid Treaty Laws on the lands and territories of Indigenous People.

another nuclear waste solution

The United States agreed to do this mostly by burning it as fuel in civilian power reactors, as the French do. This mixed oxide, or MOX, fuel blends plutonium with uranium to make new fuel for the reactors. The Russians are developing fast neutron reactors to burn up their plutonium.

To keep our part of the bargain, a fuel fabrication facility is under construction at the government’s Savannah River National Laboratory, near Aiken. As buildings go, it is a marvel, with concrete walls 5-feet-thick and huge quantities of ultra-high-quality steel. The whole structure could last for thousands of years.

But the project — which has more than 4,000 suppliers in 43 states and 1,800 directly employed workers — suddenly is being put on “cold standby,” a euphemism for abandoned. The U.S. Department of Energy says it is costing too much.

South Carolina is suing the Energy Department, claiming the shutdown is unconstitutional because money authorized and appropriated for construction this year will be used to terminate the project. The facility is 60 percent complete, and $4.5 billion has been spent; shutdown is projected to cost a further $1 billion.