Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Detectors at WIPP 2000' From "Leak"

“There are 4 ways for air to get to the surface – the Exhaust Shaft, the Salt Shaft, the Air Intake Shaft, and the Waste Handling Shaft. When radioactive contamination is detected, airflow is directed to the Exhaust Shaft as its filter is put into place. This shaft has the only filter and monitors on any of the shafts. WIPP officials claim that it was a monitor in Panel 7 that detected radiation and set into action the sending of all the air to the Exhaust Shaft. The Panel 7 monitor is around 2000 feet from the shafts.”

Greenville News, March 3, 2014: A radioactive leak that has indefinitely shut down a New Mexico nuclear waste dump has left South Carolina holding a stockpile of weapons waste [...] The plans to ship waste stored at the Savannah River Site are in limbo – and the government isn’t prepared yet to talk about what will happen next if the New Mexico underground dump no longer is an option. The U.S. Department of Energy said Friday it is “evaluating its options” after a mysterious leak two weeks ago at New Mexico’s federal Waste Isolation Pilot Plant exposed workers to radiation and shut down operations. The department said more information will be presented next week. [...] A spokesman for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday that “we’re monitoring and seeing what impact” the New Mexico radiation leak will have on SRS.


Monday, March 3, 2014

"process of annihilation" Grasp the Concept

Boom Boom Boom 

The steps of Grim Reaper...
This is about the hidden dangers of radiation, and learning...

The big picture is the system of living with an industry that steals our health and the Earth's health must be stopped...

"We have our own sources, people we know well, and are doctors, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Our grassroots knowledge people are with us, too. They all maintain the same thing - DO NOT TOUCH THE BLACKSTONE!
"Natural" is hardly the description for uranium. It is a power stone. Our old people forbade anyone to touch it. There has got to be an underlying reason to NOT touch it.

The crushed ore in the mines, tailings, are also in a state of constant radon gas release, for a half-life period of three days, during which time, other daughter particles are formed, polonium, for one!"

Bombs are the one of the main reasons they mine and produce this.

We can stop the damage immediately by eliminating the source, and by living a clean, healthy life.

Radioactive Plutonium Plume Coming Out of New Mexico's WIPP – Geological Nuclear Radioactive Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
"There is an error in your data for “Days for earliest onset of radiation sickness”.
Radiation sickness is caused by an acute dose of radiation. Your numbers in the table on this page correlate to a chronic dose, not an acute dose.
For chronic doses of radiation, the body heals itself in the short term but there is an increased risk of developing cancer in the long term (20 to 30 years after exposure).
Even at 10,000 CPM (about 8.33 mrem/hr) you could not achieve a sufficient acute dose to cause any physical radiation sickness symptoms.
It takes about 1 to 2 gray (100,000 to 200,000 mrem) in a 24 hour period (an acute dose) to see the onset of radiation sickness.
You should correct your information.
100,000 mrem/24 hours = 4166.7 mrem/hour which converts to about 5 million counts per minute."

"I would say pilots and airline stewardesses will be developing radiation sickness in 5 to 15 years, cancer risk is already way up.

Days to receive chronic dose for increase cancer risk of 1 in a 1,000
432 (at 100 CPM)
86 (at 500 CPM)
28 (at 1,500 CPM)
4 (at 10,000 CPM)

Days for earliest onset of radiation sickness:
25,937 (at 100 CPM)
5,187 (at 500 CPM)
1,729 (at 1,500 CPM)
259 (at 10,000 CPM)"


"Keep in mind please that these risk levels explained above reflect external exposure to radiation and do not address what happens when radionuclides lodge inside the body after being inhaled or ingested.

As Helen Caldicott tells us, one atom of plutonium could kill over time if lodged in the body near vulnerable tissues.

Also, the body mistakes radioactive iodine for the stable form and essentially sucks it up in the thyroid.

Strontium is confused with calcium and is embedded in bones.

Furthermore, Chris Busby and others have documented very thoroughly that the risk model explained so carefully above is flawed (no discredit to the very helpful efforts above)and lacks predictive value.

An account of the model’s limitations can be found here"
Hitting east coast today...http://www.netc.com/ 
In Little Rock can see the cloud of plutonium is passing...

526 CPM
NETC.COM © 2014
Station ID 5:706 Little Rock, AR, US
Click here for data charts
CPM: current 526 Low 342 High 696
Average 398, Deviation 31.6
(CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)
Last updated: 2014-03-02 21:59:00 GMT+0000

373 CPM
NETC.COM © 2014
Station ID 5:706 Little Rock, AR, US
Click here for data charts
CPM: current 373 Low 342 High 696
Average 397, Deviation 32
(CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)
Last updated: 2014-03-03 06:01:00 GMT+0000

1964 US Government film on Radiation Effects
Photon Microscopy Radiation Damage
At 14 - 17 minutes he explains the difference between Gamma, Beta and Alpha particles...
Then he tells how Alpha particles harm...through dust and particles that go into your body...microscopic granules.
Take your shoes off before going into your home...

Sunday, March 2, 2014


At least take off your shoes before entering your RABBIT HOLES!! 
FT. Worth and most of TX is down...but Little Rock monitor is higher then it was yesterday in TX.

526 CPM
NETC.COM © 2014
Station ID 5:706 Little Rock, AR, US
Click here for data charts
CPM: current 526 Low 342 High 696
Average 398, Deviation 31.6
(CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)
Last updated: 2014-03-02 21:59:00 GMT+0000

However, there do appear to be threshold exposures for the various non-stochastic effects. (Please note that the acute affects in the following table are cumulative. For example, a dose that produces damage to bone marrow will have produced changes in blood chemistry and be accompanied by nausea.)
Health EffectTime to Onset
(without treatment)
5-10changes in blood chemistry
75hair loss2-3 weeks
400possible deathwithin 2 months
1,000destruction of intestinal lining
internal bleeding
and death1-2 weeks
2,000damage to central nervous system
loss of consciousness;minutes
and deathhours to days

over 100cpm is bad...
Can't see it and cannot smell it...

Particles will fall on you. Remove even clothing, and then shower before lounging around the house.
Don't let kids put fingers in their mouths.
That is why covering up and pretending this is not happening in MSM makes us powerless to protect ourselves.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Plausible Deniability By Omission

Nuclear Deniability via the Media

by Michael Steinberg
 When I sat down for breakfast with the local newspaper on November 17 of last year, the news was not very appetizing. The lead story, reprinted from the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, told of a campaign by mothers from Port St. Lucie in St. Lucie County, Florida, to expose an alarmingly high rate of rare childhood brain cancers there. The mothers' group, "Suffer the Children," has raised an uproar in their community, forcing the Florida Department of Health to investigate. I put my spoon back in my oatmeal bowl, in an attempt to digest some of the grisly details in the report:...
...Long ago pioneer environmentalist Rachel Carson warned of nefarious health effects from the interaction of chemical and radioactive toxins. Carson, who herself died of breast cancer, termed this a synergistic phenomenon, meaning that the combined effects of different toxins in the environment could create harm to health greater than the sum of their individual effects.
The newspaper report I read last November did an excellent job of exposing the possible effects of toxic chemicals on human health, in this case on our children. But by failing to include radiation's possible effect, and not even mentioning the close proximity of the St. Lucie reactors to Port St. Lucie, it left crucial information out of the story. Perhaps the reporter was unaware of the St. Lucie reactors, or their potential role in causing an elevated rate of brain cancer in the children of St. Lucie. Unfortunately, this type of omission is still the rule rather than the exception in the national media.
When it comes to cancer and other dread diseases, the public needs to know about all the possible causal factors. The public deserves the opportunity to make informed decisions about an industry that significantly increases the risks to public health. For the media to deny to its readers or viewers key information relevant to the risk of exposure to the radiation releases of nuclear power plants seriously compromises their ability to make informed decisions. This plays into the implausible deniability of the nuclear establishment.

“The 'control of nature' is a phrase conceived in arrogance, born of the Neanderthal age of biology and the convenience of man.” Rachel Carson 

In Carlsbad the newspaper is doing exactly what the author of the blog is saying...

Mean while downtown Carlsburg is calm as a cucumber...
According to their newspaper anyway...http://www.currentargus.com

RADCON-4-Concern/Watch Plutonium The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)

There is currently a  RADCON-4-Concern/Watch  for:

Lubbock, TX
280 CPM
NETC.COM   © 2014
Station ID 5:618   Lubbock, TX, US
Click here for data charts
CPM: current 280 Low 132 High 288
Average 180, Deviation 27
(CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)
Last updated: 2014-03-01 13:41:00 GMT+0000

Fort Worth, TX
320 CPM
NETC.COM   © 2014
Station ID 5:712   Fort Worth, TX, US
Click here for data charts
CPM: current 320 Low 135 High 435
Average 198, Deviation 37
(CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)
Last updated: 2014-03-01 12:02:00 GMT+0000

San Antonio, TX
333 CPM
NETC.COM   © 2014
Station ID 5:711   San Antonio, TX, US
Click here for data charts
CPM: current 333 Low 105 High 351
Average 168, Deviation 43.3
(CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)
Last updated: 2014-03-01 13:39:00 GMT+000
A detailed look at the plots show that, for all three locations, the current spike began rising at around 6 pm, February 28th. The spikes are SYNCHRONIZED. Conclusion: There is something out there spanning ALL of Texas that started 24 hours ago.



Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center - Netc.com is an Early Warning Radiation System that takes data from private radiation monitoring stations and EPA network and creates a RBL ( Radiation Background Level ) for each 3000+ stations everyday. NORM ( Natural Occurring Radioactive Material ) radiation background level  has been simplified in name only to RBL ( Radiation Background Level ). The same calculations are still used.  Radcon-1 will be the middle of RBL ( Radiation Background Level  ) range and it will be compared to the Current Radiation at that monitoring station. The increase change between middle of RBL and the Current Radiation will set the Radcon levels 2 for small increase, 3 for higher increase, and 4 for the top of the range over a three month time frame. When RBL is above the radiation background range and other requirements are met, an Radcon-5 Alert will be issue and Email/Text messages are sent. If the Radcon-1 is Green/Yellow, the RBL (Radiation Background Level) is decreasing or staying the same level, like in Japan where most of the RBL are Green/Yellow.

 Read the Netc.com Forum or go to Health Effects links for some ideas on how to be prepared.
Most of the Questions and Answers are here -- Letters to Netc.com 
 Our mission is provide free radiation monitoring information from private and government sites to the public.  We have about 300 radiation monitoring sites across the United States and Japan and will add more sites in other parts of the Earth, when they become available.  The Google Map provides a platform to display the information on computers, tablets, Iphones, Android devices, and many others.   This is a private company, Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center, LLC (Netc.com) and needs your support.  Be careful about the knowledge you will receive about radiation and the effects on our planet, my heart is heavy with sorrow for my children and the next generation that must deal with our failures.  Warning from the Bible:  Now as for you, Daniel, roll up your scroll and seal your words until the time of the end. Many will rush around, while knowledge increases. (Daniel 12:4)   For with much wisdom there is much sorrow; the more someone adds to knowledge, the more someone adds to grief. (Ecclesiastes 1:18)

Operating for 15 years. The story is a huge salt formation fell from the ceiling onto barrels being stored.

Google DMSO Radiation ...

Problems continue plague the Waste Isolation 

Pilot Plant in Carlsbad that registered a “nuclear event” with the DOE a few weeks back

By Staff Writer
CARLSBAD, NM (INTELLIHUB) — A massive geological waste respiratory, also known as the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), has been spewing radiation into the air as reported early on by Intellihub News. In fact, a local college is even offering free radiation tests for locals within a 100 mile area of the WIPP as plutonium continues to leak.
However, just as anticipated, U.S. government officials and the mainstream media are a day late and a buck short as they have just recently announced that at least 13 of the WIPP’s workers have been contaminated by a radioactive release. 

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) is an underground repository for low-grade nuclear waste located near Carlsbad, New Mexico. The repository is sited in a natural salt deposit which by its nature, exhibits creep properties. Thus, immediately after an excavation is made, creep in the salt causes the excavation to gradually close over time, completely encapsulating the nuclear waste in salt. The E140 drift is one of the prime access routes from the shaft to the storage area. It is rectangular in shape and was initially supported by rock bolts, mine straps, and chain link wire mesh. Despite this mechanical support, creep of the salt caused a pronounced roof sag. The project required design of a support system to permit use of this drift for a term defined as “long-term, but not permanent”. Because WIPP is an active facility, the long-term support must be installed within the existing large excavation; be installed with minimal interference to ongoing waste disposal operations; and must perform adequately while additional accommodating anticipated time-dependent closure that will occur over the remaining life of the facility. Lachel provided inspection and design services, researched and developed acceptability requirements for several supplemental support options including additional rock bolts, an expansion slot, conventional steel ribs and lagging, continuous corrugated lining, yielding steel arches and lagging. Lachel also researched and developed acceptability requirements for backfill systems including fine and/or course grained salt, fine aggregates (silt/sand/small gravel), course aggregates (sand/gravel), waste rock fragments (caliche, clinker, slag, pumice) polyurethane foam, cellular concrete, and others. This research was then used to provide cost estimates and final recommendations regarding the most appropriate option.

And of course it sits on the Rio Grande...This area has HUGE problems...No wonder no one cares if the Colorado river dries up. It would mean all this gunk from all these TOXIC facilities in this area would be caught for ruining SW US.